The Word

Jesus is the Word, the living Word(John 1:1-3,14). When we speak the Word by faith things get done. Because when we speak the Word, we’re bringing Jesus on the scene. And when Jesus comes on any scene, things have to change(Philli.2:9-11). They all will bow and confess. Now, we have to get the Word in … Continue reading The Word


There are a lot of bad things happening in this day and time. It’s easy to point the finger at God when there’s all these disasters, troubles and mayhem going on. He’s the easy blame. Well, that’s what I say. Because if He didn’t cause the troubles surely He had the power to stop them … Continue reading Sovereign

Keep Shining

I want to continue on something I sort of touched on during yesterday’s study. It’s concerning being a light in this dark world. Once we accept Jesus as Lord and are born again, filled with the Holy Spirit and believing God’s Word, that’s exactly what happens. We, by change of Kingdoms, darkness to light, become … Continue reading Keep Shining

Down To But Not Of

Being in this world as believers in Jesus, is as task; a very hard one at times. Because this whole world is going in a different direction naturally. And we are, supposed to be, going against this natural flow of this natural world.¬†We have a responsibility to walk upright and in integrity. Because we’re to … Continue reading Down To But Not Of

Getting Into Shape

There are different ways of getting into shape spiritually. And we need all of them in order to reach the desired shape God wants and needs us to be in. We need the Word[Rhema, written, spoken], prayer, fasting, communion and fellowship, all of them, accompanied by the Holy Spirit. And there’s another element we need … Continue reading Getting Into Shape