God Is good. In spite of all the things we do at times that’s not according to His good will for us, His right there. Thank You Jesus! He’s promised to never leave or forsake us(Heb.13:5), but that doesn’t mean we’re to tempt Him, and see how much wrong we can get away with though.¬†We … Continue reading Never


Once we start to see what we’re hoping for, our hope turns to faith. Whether we start to see it spiritually or physically. Because if we’re seeing something we’re hoping for, it’s no longer hope(Rom.8:24-25). When our hope develops and grows, it starts to become faith. From us hearing and seeing. Because that’s how faith … Continue reading Hope

Be Good Ground

The Word says the Sower sows the Word. The Sower first off being Jesus, sows the Word and It falls to ground, four different kinds of ground(Matt.13:3-9). This Is a continual process. He never stops sowing the Word. First the Word comes to us when we don’t believe, and the Lord sends His Word to … Continue reading Be Good Ground


There’s only one thing that can really set and make anyone free. It’s the Truth. The Truth no matter how harsh it may be or how bad it may make us feel, is always the best thing for us. The Word says Jesus Is the Truth. So accepting Him and His ways, no matter the … Continue reading Truth