Give No Place

We can’t give and inch to the devil. Not one piece or section of our lives. As believers in Jesus, we belong to God and all we have and are, is His(1Cor.6:19-20). We are the Temple of God and we have to keep it pure from any pollution of the enemy. Because the more leeway … Continue reading Give No Place


There’s a lot to be said about peace. The first thing is, we as believers are promised peace from Jesus Himself. So it’s ours(John14:27). It’s on us if we’re going to walk in it or not though. Because just as the devil tries to steal everything else good that God has promised us, he’s going … Continue reading Peace

No Excuses

As children of God and followers of Jesus we are to maintain our fight of holiness. No matter how tough the times or how hard the situations. There’s no excuse for disobedience, doing or living wrong, to God, although we may have many. We are to always walk upright before God and everyone else at … Continue reading No Excuses