Have faith in God. That’s what Jesus told the disciples and He’s also saying the same thing to us(Mark11:22). It may be elementary but it’s very important. And we must not only get in the faith, but we must grow in it and keep it as well. Our relationship with God is and has to … Continue reading Faith

What God Does

People like to say what God does and doesn’t do. But truth is, He does whatever He wants to do. Whether we think it’s good or bad. And some people like to attribute all wrong to the devil or God, but if we’ll look at scripture we’ll see it’s us who bring somethings on ourselves(Josh.6:18). … Continue reading What God Does

Pigs And Dogs

Sharing our words/revelations/visions with people who don’t believe at all or who have a warped way of believing; Can cause us all type of trouble and pains. Look at Joseph sharing his dreams and visions, and that was with his own family(Gen.37:5-11,18-20). But look at their response. Just as (Acts7:23-25) says of Moses and those … Continue reading Pigs And Dogs


I touched on this once before but nevertheless it remains the same and true. God only wants what’s His, and that’s everything. When dealing with God we have to know this. He created it all and although He blesses and allows us to use things, whatever they may be, they still belong to Him(Mark12:1-9). Let’s … Continue reading Everything