Endure Pt.2

Continuing on yesterday’s thought about enduring. It’s very vital to our well-being. So we must make up our minds, that no matter what comes our way we’re going to hold on, in and for the name of Jesus(Rom.4:20-22). Because if we’ve been in this walk for any amount of time, we have been through trying … Continue reading Endure Pt.2

Endure Pt.1

I know I’ve said this before, but let me reiterate. Just make it through the night. Hold on, when things seems and are tough. Because the Word is true, joy will and does come in the morning, when we put and have our trust in the Lord. So let’s do that and not lean-to our … Continue reading Endure Pt.1


Merry Today, that the Lord has made(Ps.118:24). Even though it’s always good to be reminded of Jesus. Understand brothers and sisters in Christ. Jesus is not only the reason for Christmas day or this season, but for all days and all seasons. Even all the other pagan ones the non-believers worship and celebrate. For without … Continue reading Holiday