Wanting To

It’s a good thing to desire not to be letting God down, or to even be wanting to let God down in any way. As We don’t and shouldn’t be wanting to let God down, as His children. But yet and still in spite of our best efforts and desires not to, we may tend … Continue reading Wanting To

Patience Pt.2

Again on patience. I know I may have said this before, but there may come and may be times that we may think or even believe we’re ready for things. But God knows the right time for us and everything concerning us. We may feel as though it’s our time, for certain things. But God … Continue reading Patience Pt.2


Patience, the fruit of the Spirit that may be the hardest in cultivating in our lives. Well, the process of developing it, can get and be rough at times. But it’s a process we need to go through. Because we definitely need patience, in this walk of faith. Some of us may need it more … Continue reading Patience


We as believers are obligated, with certain things. Like with responsibilities, where our time, talent and treasure is concerned, in the Kingdom of God. I posted before how; the how we give is important in God’s eyes, versus who we give to, and the quantity. Because God is looking at our hearts and if there … Continue reading Obligations