Be Careful

Revised Repost. A problem, that’s a product of a church organization always wanting and asking for money, is it paints the picture to all that that’s what they are all about. Making it seem that the money is more important than the Kingdom of God and souls being added to it(Ez.34:2-6). Therefore taking away the … Continue reading Be Careful

Miracles For All

Revised Repost. The Miracles of God work hand in hand with the Word of God. See, except for the recipient, it does no good for a miracle of God to be performed without no word/testimony of it happening, and God getting the glory. Because again, they work hand in hand, as God has set it … Continue reading Miracles For All

How Do You See?

Revised Repost.  God is great and always good. But everyone doesn’t see it that way. It’s something how God’s goodness can seem bad to some. Some who believe and some who don’t(Ez.33:17-20). Lord, have mercy. Let’s discuss this from the perspective of us as believers, dealing with others, whether in or out of the body … Continue reading How Do You See?