The Wrestle

We all have times and things we wrestle with. And as believers, our wrestle is in the Spirit, although we may always, and sometimes intensely, feel it in the flesh(Eph.6:10-13). But even so, how are we coming out on the other side of the battle? Even the ones where we wrestle with God at times, … Continue reading The Wrestle

Best We Truly Can

Revised Repost.  Now most of us may feel there is more we could always be doing for the Lord and His Kingdom. Which would always be somewhat true too, especially if we are comparing ourselves to Jesus, as we should. But we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it. Neither should we let anyone else. Well, that’s … Continue reading Best We Truly Can

Fess Up

Revised Repost. When we’ve wronged someone or do something wrong, as believers in Jesus we should be trained to immediately repent. And we may know to do this; but when we wrong each other, with our repentance to God, we also are to confess our faults to one another(James5:16). It’s vital to our health, harmony … Continue reading Fess Up

Praise The Lord!

Revised Repost.  Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. That’s what the Word says. So if we’re breathing we should be praising the Lord, with and for the breath He’s given us(Ps.150:6). Hallelujah! Thanking God for all His goodness, giving Him honor for all He Is, has done and will do; in all we do, … Continue reading Praise The Lord!