Final Say So

Revised Repost. Whose word is law or has the most significance and authority/final say so in our lives? We have to be sure of whose Word we give the most honor to. Because that’s the word we will build and base our faith upon and around. So let’s make sure it’s Jesus. He’s the only … Continue reading Final Say So


Revised Repost. We need the grace of God every moment of our lives. Its importance is unexplainable. But it is definite we need it. We need God’s grace, to not only save us, but to also keep us. Often times to keep us from harming or making things worse for ourselves. It also is God’s … Continue reading Grace

Spirit And Word

Revised Repost. As believers in Jesus we must strive to be fully equipped at all times. There’s no time to be half ready or ill prepared. Neither is there any place for either or’s. We can’t choose to have only a certain portion of the Lord, we need His fullness(Eph.3:14-19). Once we accept Jesus we’re … Continue reading Spirit And Word