Strong In Faith

Revised Repost. We must exercise our faith in order for it to grow, expand and be useful. Just as Abraham did. He constantly was obedient and stepped out on faith, to the Word God gave Him. And by the grace of God, his faith increased. And his relationship with God continued to grow, as a … Continue reading Strong In Faith

The Strongman Pt.2

Revised Repost. Continuing on being the strongman. That’s what we are created to be in, and just as Christ Jesus. For that’s just as Jesus was while here on earth. He encountered a lot of dangers and troubles. And although He saw all of them before they came, He never shuttered in fear or ran … Continue reading The Strongman Pt.2

The Strongman

Revised Repost. When the good/strong man knows the thief is coming he doesn’t run and hide; he watches, ready to act, so his stuff won’t get stolen. That’s what Jesus said, and that’s exactly how we need to be(Matt.24:43-44). And although when the prudent man sees the evil he hides himself, instead of going on … Continue reading The Strongman

Think On Jesus

Revised Repost. The Word tells us if we’d keep our minds stayed on the Lord, He’d give us perfect peace. Which sounds nice and is definitely what all of us need. So in order to obtain that perfect peace, let’s believe the Word and strive constantly, to always keep our minds on Jesus(Is.26:3-4). We need … Continue reading Think On Jesus