Answered Prayer

Revised Repost. There’s nothing like answered prayer. To get a desire granted, a petition fulfilled; is a good thing, as I’ve stated before. Especially getting them from the Lord. To know that we’ve specifically ask for something and the Lord heard our cry and gave us just what we were looking for, helps in a … Continue reading Answered Prayer


Revised Repost. We as children of God have to know God is faithful, and He will always come through for us. We have to believe and understand this. So if and when we’re going through, we’ll know without a shadow of doubt, that He’s going to come through for us, in a mighty way. As … Continue reading Breakthrough

Find Out

Revised Repost. As God’s children, there are a lot of things He has in store for us. But we may miss out on them, if we don’t know they’re there. Or if we don’t know how to obtain them. But we, as children of God, should know and should be seeking to know, in the … Continue reading Find Out

Cheerful Giving

Revised Repost. Being a cheerful a giver, is a good thing to be, for us and for others. We’ll be blessed because of it, and it can and will cause thanksgiving to God. See, as believers, that’s the only kind of offering God wants from us(Ex.35:5). And as we give of our time, of our … Continue reading Cheerful Giving

Keeping Our Word

Revised Repost. Being faithful to do, what we say we will do, as the Lord does; is something we should strive to always do and be, as believers. Where we’re just as God is, when it comes to us keeping our word(Ps.138:2). Not like king Saul, who let others dictate his faithfulness and his word. … Continue reading Keeping Our Word