The Power Given Us

We’ve been given unmatched power and authority in Christ Jesus. Jesus received it from Father God and He’s given it to us(Matt.28:18-20; Luke10:19), Hallelujah! So we are and should be striving to be as Him in every way, if we confess to have Jesus inside of us(1John2:6). See the devil is a thief. Going about … Continue reading The Power Given Us

God IS Great!

God IS great! And greatly to be praised! If no one else gets or understands this, we believers should(Ex.19:3-6). We should have this sketched in our hearts and minds through the Word of God, and all He’s done for us, forever. He’s Awesome! But it seems as though we are the ones who need to … Continue reading God IS Great!

Evil Comes

As long as we’re here on this earth in this flesh while the enemy has free rein, we are going to have evil here. Although it has or shouldn’t have, no control over us, believers in Jesus. But the devil is the god of this world(2Cor.4:4), so there shouldn’t be any wonderment that evil abides … Continue reading Evil Comes