Stand Up

God is looking for soldiers. Real soldiers who are ready and willing to do His Will at all times. That’s who God wants to deal with and show wonderful things to and through. Those who will be strong in Him and in the power of His might(Dan.11:32). Those who, if and when they fall or … Continue reading Stand Up


God knows everyone’s buttons and the tool used to press them; also where motivation is concerned. For us believers He should be our button, our motivation and reason we do and strive to do all that we do(John14:31). If not we are in a bad state. One that we need to get out of real … Continue reading Motivation

If We Had The Choice

There’s a difference between 1)having something harsh happen and going through something that way. And 2)bearing with something over and over again constantly and going through something that way. Example: car accident vs. Trouble on a job, in a relationship, etc. Because although both of them comes with pain; with one[car accident] the cause/source of … Continue reading If We Had The Choice