The Fasted Life

Revised Repost. The fasted life, is one we all as believers should be living. Just as Jesus. Not just sometime or when we really need something in particular. Because we already need that all the time. It’s Jesus. So we shouldn’t just be fasting to get prayers answered, or things of that nature. Which I … Continue reading The Fasted Life

Clear Communication

Revised Repost. Having clear communications in all we do and with all we deal with, is of the utmost importance. Whether it be with us dealing with anyone, in any relationship: family, spouses, friends, employers, employees, children, etc. But especially with God. We should always strive to understand and to make things plain, for ourselves … Continue reading Clear Communication

Clear Understanding

Revised Repost. Not understanding can cause us to react wrongly to everything. So if we don’t understand, and something seems strange or funny, let’s strive not to overreact, or move to soon in the wrong way(Pro.14:29; Eccl.7:9). But we should pray for a clear understanding. Or that God would make things plain for us(Hab.2:1-2). So … Continue reading Clear Understanding